AI Video Engagement Platform

Unleash the bits: 1 platform, 5 use cases, unlimited possibilities, B1T5.IO

Our mission

Our goal is to empower businesses with the best tools for intelligent video content processing in an integrated, GDPR-compliant SaaS platform.

1 platform, 5 use cases, unlimited possibilities

Customer service

Revolutionize your customer service with video-based interaction. Save valuable time and money on individual inquiries by presenting your customers with videos tailored to their questions.

Employer Branding

Use engaging, interactive video experiences to showcase your company culture, pre-qualify applicants, and position yourself as an innovative employer.

Custom / On Demand

You have other ideas where B1T5.IO can help you? We offer customized solutions for your challenges.

Special interest

Offer your customers the opportunity to exchange and network based on live video content - purely online or hybrid. B1T5.IO is the ideal platform for building communities.

Knowledge transfer

Enable employees and customers to learn interactively, including checks, evaluation, and assessment of learning progress.

Customer reviews

B1T5.IO helps us to live broadcast and record hundreds of events of innovative companies as part of the Digital Week Dortmund and to make this wealth of knowledge easily accessible.
Kai Bünseler, Stadt Dortmund
With B1T5.IO, we have found a GDPR-compliant solution with which we can flexibly compile high-quality video content and add interactive elements.
Heiner Junghans, Materna
In times of severe skills shortages and uncertain economic conditions, B1T5.IO's intelligent media library is ideal for providing top service and reducing service requests.
Thomas Skorzewski, B2X